Comfy Mama produces and sells clothing for all fellow mamas and mamas-to-be. And in doing so, we fundraise for charities focused on mamas and their babies.

You might be wondering how this came about. I should start by introducing myself. I'm Kala. I'm a mom of three (Daisy, Lilla, and Wilkens), a Registered Nurse, and wife to Matt. We live in beautiful Cape Breton. I have also suffered from postpartum depression. After I had my first child, it hit me hard; really hard. Some days were spent crying, others I couldn't leave the house. I didn't feel comfortable or confident in being a mother. And I didn’t feel deserving of that sweet little face. My world was over (or so I thought) while the rest of my friends were living their lives and doing bigger and better things with no one attached to their hip. I felt like I was a stranger. Then, after a long journey, I found the strength to ask for help. I went to the doctor, focused on fitness, and with support from my family and friends, along with my amazingly supportive husband, I felt like myself again - grateful and happy.

After my second child, I was inspired to create a mamma-focused brand while also giving back. That's when Comfy Mama popped into my head. Fast forward three years and I'm ready to put it out there. So, here it is mamas (and papas!). I hope you enjoy our clothing, posts, and monthly charity page. Let's get comfy, mamas!