Comfy Mama’s first Charity choice is The Baby Box Project. This was initiated by Erin and James Forsey of Sydney, Nova Scotia, after they had their son Callum in 2016. A glimpse at what the Baby Box Project is:

The Baby Box Project has helped more than 300 new low-income families by ensuring babies get a head start in life by giving them access to basic necessities and comfort. The items included in the totes (image of totes attached):• Complete Healthcare Kit (digital thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, medicine spoon, emergency information card)• Oral Care Set (teether, infant toothbrush & gum stimulator, toddler toothbrush)• Diaper Rash Cream• Baby Wash w/ Aloe Vera• Rattle• Diapers (44 pack – Size 1)• Baby Wipes• Infant’s Acetaminophen Suspension
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