Birth Story
Sydney, Nova Scotia

My name is Kristle, I am 25... almost 26 years old and I have a very soon to be 9 month old. I met my sons father aka my boyfriend very shortly after ending a relationship on 6years. Shortly after we starter dated and just over a year into the relationship I found out I was pregnant. Ideal situation? Nope, but who cares. We were beyond happy and couldn't believe it. We ended up waiting to til everyone until we found out what we were, which was an amazing little boy. My pregnancy was a breeeeeze, no complications, no discomforts nothing. The last week before I was due we got some devastating news that my grandmother went into the hospital with a sore leg and that she's not going to be with us much longer. My father working out west with his work site shutting down within that month had made the choice to leave early to be with his mother before she had to leave. So now we have my grandmother just about to pass away, my dad who is now jobless and my mother trying to hold it all together for us and call my brother from Halifax to tell him what's going on. Fast forward , unfortunately my grandmother did pass away. June 5th I started to feel what I thought was maybe contraction but literally had no idea, since I didn't have any issues or pains all pregnancy we went to L&D, I got checked out they told me I was NOT CLOSE to have the baby, I was still fully sealed and no even half a cm. The next morning at 10am on June 6th I attended my grandmothers funeral. Once again , pregnancy was a breeze, I got to the funeral, driving by myself as I told my boyfriend to go to work since he's going to need time off soon and I would be OK with my family. Little did we know , I wasn't..... I was having contraction during the WHOLE funeral, I had no idea I just thought it was a pain as it was in my back. Stayed sitting at the very front , afterwards went downstairs and I tried to have a snack but I couldn't. My mom suggested I go back to her place instead of being alone in the apartment. Stubborn me said nope, I got back to the apartment, my back soooooo sore. I tried to lay down but I couldn't. I tried to get in the tub, but I couldn't. Walking was a big nope and so was sitting. But again, I'm stubborn so I watched TV anyways, at 4pm my boyfriend came home from work on a break and immediately (after flipping that I was still home and didn't tell him ANY of this was going on) insisted we go to the hospital. I told him no, there's no point , I was told by L&d not even close and when I am I will know, and he needed to go back to work , I was due in a few days he had to save his time off for when actually needed, I told him if I'm still like this at 8pm when he's off we will go to hospital. He didn't agree, he suggest call my mom to take me up that way he doesn't lose out on time. I said fine, I called her just before she was about to nap and she came and got me within 10 minutes. We get to the hospital and get checked out , I was admitted right away and given an epidural before I even had the chance to call my boyfriend. I was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced, I called my boyfriend right after the epidural and he just had to switch cars and he was coming up. The nurses would check me and get me to change sides every hour or so. Around 845pm we noticed they didn't check me in a while so my boyfriend asked and she said the last time she checked I was getting close so no need to check anymore because they will know , the next time someone is looking under the sheets is when I'm pushing (so the nurses told us). So whatever we went with it and agreed , at about 905 pm just after listening to another mother SCREAM while pushing how she couldn't do it, the doctor came in and said she's going to do a quick 10 second check before she does her notes on the last delivery.... so I put my legs up , she moved the blanket and goes "OK so I see the baby's head and we need to get you pushing like now". Panic sets into EVERYONE , the doctor gets ready and do we all. 3 full rounds of 4 pushes the doctor says his heart rate is dropping (than mine and everyone else's heart drops not knowing what that means) and the doctor said I'm going to give you a tiny cut just to help. 2 little pushes later into round 4 and my HEALTHY , Handsome 6pound 15oz baby boy came into this world at 928pm. He's our little miracle, he came the day we put my grandmother to rest, my brother & sister in law were leaving that NIGHT to go back to Halifax ( they stayed once they heard I was in labour). Our little Damian who had no middle name until he was born our now Damian Scott has changed a sad day to the best day ever. The day I became a mother and my parents became grandparents. After seeing my dad heart broken all week and putting his mother to rest just hours ago , to see his smile again when holding the baby just melted my heart, some of his pain was taking away by sweet baby Damian. I love you little monkey man