Let's talk about breastfeeding
Sydney, Nova Scotia

I'm sure no one thinks breastfeeding is going to be a walk in the park but until you actually breastfeed for the first time you have NO idea how hard it really is. The pressure you feel from society that you have to breastfeed, the endless nursing sessions, the pain in your nipples as baby latches, the sleepless nights, engorgment, leaking, cluster feeding, the clogged ducts, the risk of mastitis, latching issues, issues with ties, thrush, worrying about how much baby is eating, wondering if your feeding often enough, wondering if baby is getting enough & gaining enough, wondering if your producing enough. These are just some of the things/worries breastfeeding mamas go through on their journey. I remember driving myself crazy thinking I had to nurse more because he wasnt gaining as much when compared to other babies his age. One thing I've learned- stop comparing to other babies...they are all sooo different with different needs. The first month was by far the hardest for myself (& I'm sure many others). Not only did I have a brand new baby, he was my first and then to go through all the challenges of breastfeeding. I'm happy to say we are four months in & going strong. We are so quick to judge others but breastfeeding definitely is not for everyone & that is perfectly okay